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Experience the difference with Probioform, living probiotics that do a little more.

  • No capsules
  • Not freeze-dried
  • Active lactic acid bacteria
  • Long shelf life after opening

The most trusted liquid probiotic in Scandinavia.

Why should you use Probioform?

As nature intended

There was a time in human history when probiotic supplements were not necessary. Probiotics are natural, so we make Probioform as nature intended.

More then just Probiotic

Probioform provides a high content of healthy microbes, wild yeast and beneficial acids designed to prevent and reduce the growth of harmful bacteria, which leads to the promotion of a healthy digestive system.

What makes us different?

Understand the differences between Pro0bioform and freeze-dried powder or pills supplements

Our bodies rely on certain types of good bacteria to aid us in digestion. Known as probiotics, these bacteria also improve our skin, our brain functions, our mobility and more. Read on to learn all about the risk-free health benefits of Probioform.

Probioform keeps families healthy and happy.

Probiotics are an essential part of your daily health habits, especially when it comes to the digestion of food. Probioform is a smartly designed probiotic product that helps you tackle modern digestive issues. And isn’t just for adults — it’s incredibly beneficial for the whole family.

Discover the power of fermentation with our free guide.

Fermented food is rich in beneficial microorganisms, and it can be extremely tasty. Probiotics of high quality can be used as an fermentation starter that is why you will have the best result using Probioform. Because it is a living probiotic, Probioform is the ideal fermentation starter. Experience the difference!

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To claim your free fermentation guide, simply enter your email address in the space provided. Learn how to make more than 20 healthy and delicious recipes like milk-free yogurt, sauerkraut, kimchi and many more!


Don`t wait until you have digestive problems!.

Bacteria are commonly associated with sickness and disease. Most people see them as something we should avoid at all costs. However, there are good bacteria out there — also known as probiotics — and they are actually good for your body and its functions.
● There are up to 1,000 different kinds of bacteria in your gut
● A healthy microbiome can weigh as much as five pounds
● Good bacteria are important — they help you fight any bad bacteria in your system.

One product for the whole family.

Today’s modern lifestyle can affect anyone’s digestive health. Antibiotics, pesticides, conservation, cooking, stress … It all adds up. But probiotics can be beneficial to everyone — no matter your age, no matter your gender. With Probioform, literally anyone can support and reestablish their optimal digestive environment and functionality, as well as improve their health as seen in the diagram on the right.


Why choose a living liquid probiotic?

Have you ever wondered why so many probiotics are powders or pills? It has nothing to do with your health — it’s a cost-cutting method that makes them easier to transport. But these powders and pills are freeze dried, which often damages the microorganisms and renders them ineffective. But with a liquid probiotic like Probioform, you get a more stable, effective and complete product.

The benefits of Probioform are never far away

Create a new beginning for your health and digestion. Find the closest doctor, therapist, food supplement store or web store right here.

It is grown in symbiosis, which creates a natural balance of strong bacteria. The process is similar to how it would grow in the wild.

It can be used by the whole family.
Probioform is vegan.
It is made of 100% natural ingredients
Due to its low pH environment, Probioform can easily pass and survive stomach acid.
Probioform has a long shelf life, It is still a high-quality probiotic even a year after opening
It can be stored at room temperature
The bag in box packing ensures the bacteria still alive and active.

Optimal Health

Your gut flora performs various tasks in your body, such as managing appetite; digestion; absorption of nutrients; controlling metabolism and many more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most commonly asked questions about Probioform about usage, storage, and quality.

Effective Training

Do you know that exercise is also helpful in improving digestive health?

Customer and client reviews

Probioform is benefiting more and more people around the world. Check out what our customers have to say, and be sure to share your personal experience with us.


I first tried Probioform 8 years ago. I remember the first time I took two tablespoons. Already that same day I could notice something was getting lighter in my gut. In just three days, my constipation started to let move and has been gone since.

Dan Uhrbom


After having used Probioform for only three days, I could notice a significant change in my bowel movements, and my constipation started to let go. I have now used Probioform daily for two years, and my digestion and bowel movements.

Stig Levin


The feedback that we get from customers who have purchased Probioform is amazing; a lot of people have been suffering from digestive issues for sometimes up to 10 years and are finally getting a long-term relief. We get reports of.

Marianne Tveitan

Clinic owner

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