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Kids Can Grow Up Healthy. They Just Need Bacterial Assistance.

Parents are always concerned about the interaction between bacteria and their children. Bacteria have a bad reputation, and they are, rightly blamed for a variety of children’s diseases and infections. So we use sanitizers, antibacterial soaps and antibiotics to protect them from the negative effects of bacteria. We think we’re protecting them.

The truth is, there is much more to observe, learn, and understand about bacteria. It is actually important that we allow our kids to get closer to bacteria for their wellbeing and overall healthy.

For example, there was a time when amniotic fluid was considered sterile, but now we know that it is not. As baby’s grow inside their mothers, they are introduced to bacterial colonization. The kind of bacteria present in the amniotic fluid totally depends upon the type of bacteria present in the gut flora of the mother.

Bacteria: We Are Not Alone

Probiotics are commonly known as good bacteria and yeast. These are live microorganisms that line the digestive tract and aid your body to properly absorb nutrients. Think of them as an army that fights against the enemies to maintain balance and peace in the body. Sadly, if the population of these probiotics were to decrease, the entire balance gets thrown off and diseases take the control.
These microorganisms may be the same or similar to the bacteria that already exist in the body naturally and produce vitamins, help digest food and destroy the microorganisms that lead to illnesses. Probiotic supplements have a positive and effective impact on various health outcomes. Several factors reduce probiotics inside the body such as:

– Diet
– Antibiotics
– Aging

With probiotic supplements, you can improve the good-to-bad ratio to better maintain your health and wellbeing. Probioform is a superb living liquid probiotic that actually helps to maintain bacterial balance and works most effectively to fulfill the needs of probiotics in people of every age.

Good And Bad Bacteria

Similar to human beings, bacteria share a complicated relationship with each other. They can be antagonistic, neutral or friendly toward each other. This relationship changes depending upon the situations they face. Whenever multiple species have to coexist in the same space, while using the same resources, they both try to survive, which can put them at odds with each other. When this happens the balance of good to bad microbiome gets disturbed, and illnesses and infections may occur.

Bacteria And Children

There are a handful of bad, pathogenic bacteria, while others actually help your child’s health. The intestinal flora of a two-years-old is comprised of 100,000 billion bacteria that originated from 1,000 to 1,500 species. This bacterial flora resembles the intestinal flora of an adult in many ways. Most of these bacteria are harmless and essential.

Bacteria For Kids

These microscopic companions are vital for your little ones. Good bacteria from intestinal microbiota work in three ways:

  • Help develop the immune system.
  • Generate a barrier against outer or foreign substances like toxins, allergies and pathogens.
  • Aid kids with food digestion.

Now it is clear that, for a child’s health and wellbeing, they need bacteria — bacteria are actually essential in maintaining the bacterial balance inside a child’s gut.

What Are Probiotics?

Probiotics are microorganisms introduced into the body to improve digestion and overall gut health. The word probiotics is derived from the Latin word “pro” meaning “for” and the Greek word “biotic” meaning “life.”

These are friendly bacteria that live primarily inside the gut that fight yeast and pathogens to improve or strengthen a child’s immune system. The benefits of probiotics also extend beyond healthy digestion. In fact, probiotics are able to do everything from creating a stronger and healthier immune system to improving skin health and boosting mood, making them essential to your child’s wellbeing.

What Is Probioform, And Is It Suitable For Children?

Probioform is the best living probiotic available, and it can be equally beneficial for the entire family. It is suitable for every age and provides remarkable health benefits for kids, teens, adults and elderly people.

Its production process is unique when compared to other probiotics. Instead of using freeze-drying (the industry norm), Probioform is synthesized by the natural process of fermentation. This allows bacteria to get the support of natural acids to grow and flourish. This acidic environment is similar to the natural process of bacterial growth, which is why the survival and delivery rate of the probiotics in Probioform is so high.

Probioform is created in a completely natural manner. It doesn’t use segregated culture strands of bacteria. Instead, it uses a co-growth method of production that allows bacterial strains to interact with each other to produce a tougher and stronger consortium that cooperate with each other to fight off bad bacteria.

This co-growth method ensures all the antioxidants, enzymes and vitamins produced by bacteria remain in the mixture, adding greater benefits to gut health. Probioform’s natural fermentation process gives it a unique stability. Its low pH environment (3.7) ensures the survival of bacteria in the digestive system’s highly acidic environment (pH 2.4).

This stability also lets you to store Probioform without refrigeration. Its gentle effect on the stomach, high effectiveness and easy dosage make it the perfect living probiotic supplement for children. Our supplement can help soothe your little ones’ tummy problems. When the naturally occurring bacteria in your child’s digestive system is weakened by antibiotics or infection, Probioform will rescue your child in many ways, including the maintenance of your child’s bacterial balance.

The Benefits Of Using Probioform Regularly For Kids

In the initial three years of a child’s development, it is highly critical to establish a healthy gut — this is the time period that establishes their digestive and immune system health for their lifetime. Preterm birth, cesarean delivery, formula feeding and exposure to antibiotics are major risk factors of suboptimal gut health. A good probiotic supplement like Probioform increases the population of friendly bacteria in the gut and stimulates immune functioning in kids for greater overall health.

Probiotics And Children’s Early Development

All of our vital organs are already developed in a human child at the time of birth, except for one. The gut microbiome is considered the “forgotten organ,” and it is not present at the time of birth. During the first few years of life, our microbiomes undergo extensive development. During and shortly after delivery is when the most significant microbial colonization occurs. This is the time when babies come into contact with their surroundings and microbiota of their mothers. In early infancy, the colonization of the gut starts and grows continuously until the age of three.
The babies’ delivered via cesarean section not get exposed to the natural method of healthy bacteria transfer from mother to baby because of not passing through the birth canal. Due to these factors, these babies experience low diversity and abundance of intestinal bacteria, and they have a greater chance of dysbiosis. To overcome all these deficiencies of beneficial bacteria, it becomes critical to provide probiotics to the infants through supplements. Probioform is synthesized naturally, making it a perfectly safe and suitable way for infants to achieve bacterial balance in their gut.

Pre-birth benefits

Research shows that Probioform lowers the risk of complications like premature birth or preeclampsia during pregnancy. Women are highly advised to take Probioform during pregnancy, especially in the first and third trimesters. So, give your baby a healthy start before beginning.

Nutrients and vitamins

Probioform promotes the absorption of nutrients and plays a vital role in the synthesis of vitamins that are essential for a child’s growth and wellbeing.

Probioform and antibiotics

Antibiotic means “against life,” which makes sense, because they literally destroy microbial life. Antibiotics are medicines that fight against bacterial infections. They can kill bacteria or can inhibit the growth of bacteria. But they generally wipe out the good bacteria along with the bad. The loss becomes even more severe in kids where gut microbiomes are just starting to be established. Early exposure to antibiotics creates long-term negative effects on a child’s wellbeing. Probioform helps restore balance by delivering good bacteria back into their digestive system.

Probioform and colic relief

The babies taking probiotics cry significantly less than babies given a placebo.

Probioform helps in reducing diarrhea symptoms

Probioform is amazingly beneficial for infants and children who suffer from acute viral gastroenteritis. Additionally, Probioform can be also helpful for the treatment of inflammatory bowel diseases, Crohn’s disease, Acid reflux and irritable bowel syndrome.

Probioform protects against allergies and eczema

Allergies are normally the result of an abnormal immune system reaction to factors most of individuals find harmless. Daily consumption of probiotics from dietary sources or a supplement by age one minimizes allergies and eczema.

Probioform and respiratory tract infection

Probioform reduces the incidences of infection in the upper respiratory tract.

Probioform and mental health

Children usually cannot suffer from serious mental health conditions like depression or anxiety. But there are chances that children could have obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) or autism. Studies have shown that probiotic food and supplement such as Probioform can improve these mental health conditions.

Fortification of the gut lining

Probioform creates an environment for probiotics that is similar to the human gut, which is why our bacteria start working quickly after intake to fortify the gut lining of your child. The gut lining is like a security wall that helps to protect kids from potential invaders. These invaders attack the intestinal integrity and could enter into the bloodstream, wreaking havoc throughout the body.

Can Probioform Benefit Healthy Kids Too?

Absolutely! Probioform assures that healthy children become healthier when used regularly:


Probioform supports the immune system of children and provides maximum protection from minor childhood illnesses that can pass so easily from child to child.


Children who use Probioform regularly are less likely to go to the doctor, and the chances of being prescribed antibiotics are reduced.


Studies show that regular use of probiotics in kids leads to significant improvement of kids with ADHD symptoms and autism.


Using Probioform can prevent allergies associated with Immunoglobulin E (IgE) in children who were delivered via cesarean section.


The use of Probioform regularly reduces the chances and severity of respiratory infections due to the cold season.


Probioform helps ensure there is never a decrease in beneficial bacteria inside the gut. This sufficient transportation of good bacteria inside the gut makes it really difficult for bad bacteria to take the charge.


Probioform is also highly effective for children with symptoms of constipation.


It is observed that children having eczema often suffer from asthma also. Probioform can be helpful in the reduction of respiratory allergies. Regular use of it can protect children from most kinds of allergy issues in future life.


Probioform can show maximum improvement in symptoms of atopic dermatitis.


Acne may also respond positively to Probioform, because probiotics can normalize the brain-gut-skin axis.

Set Your Child Up For A Healthy Life With Probioform

In the early development of a child, there are several factors that can keep them from establishing a healthy gut. Probioform is an exclusive liquid probiotic that increases the number of beneficial bacteria in the digestive system, improves immunity, and allows your child to grow up healthy by preventing digestive disorders.

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