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Why Doctors And Therapists Are Recommending Probioform To Patients

Every treatment for poor digestion starts with rebuilding a healthy intestinal flora. That is why Probioform is the number one choice amongst leading doctors and therapists. It helps solve a broad spectrum of daily challenges, helping their patients feel better quickly.

Gut Microbiota

The gut microbiota includes all the microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, viruses, and archaea that colonize the human gut. All these microorganisms in the gut play a key role in nutrition, metabolism, physiology and, subsequently, health. The gut microbiota helps in the maturation and maintenance of the GI tract and adds its nutritional contributions to the host. Plus, it protects the host from pathogenic microbes and form gut flora.

Gut Flora

A complex ecological system called the gut flora is made up of indigenous prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells of microbes in the digestive tract. Our digestive system is the home of trillions of the microorganisms. The different species and their various strains fulfill a wide variety of essential functions that directly affect our overall health.

Factors Affecting Gut Health

Undoubtedly, food is the main factor responsible for the bacterial makeup of the human gut, but other factors also play a vital role in establishing gut flora. The nature of birth is another critical factor. According to research, babies delivered through vaginal birth have more diverse flora inside the gut as compared to babies delivered via c-section. When vaginally delivered babies pass through the birth canal, they get exposed to the diversity of their mother’s bacterial flora. That is why they have a more diverse and resilient gut flora.

Similarly, the infants raised on breastfeeding get more exposure to the diversity of bacterial flora as compared to infant’s raised on formula. An environment with exposure to microbes and dirt also has a positive impact for the variety of gut flora. Emotional stress, improper sleep, absence of prebiotics in diet, smoking and alcohol consumption are some other factors that influence the bacterial gut flora.

The Role Of Antibiotics On The Diversity Of Gut Flora

Antibiotics are designed to kill bacteria but the destroy the beneficial bacteria along with pathogens. As a result, a prominent decrease in the balance of the bacterial community, diversity, and taxonomic richness can be observed. Although many bacterial groups recover soon after treatment, others cannot, even after six months.

The Importance Of fixing Gut Health

Doctors and therapists are unanimously in agreement that gut health is the key to overall health and wellbeing, and it is essential to understand the brain-gut microbiome axis. Our gut has its own nervous system, known as “the enteric nervous system,” and this is where more than 100 million nerves exist.

To communicate with the central nervous system in the brain, gut generates neurotransmitters, signals and hormones, and we experience these changes as sensations and moods. It means that the gastrointestinal tract has an even more complicated job than we think. Gut health is directly linked with numerous health aspects, from emotional stress to immunity to chronic illnesses. A healthy gut helps us to lose weight, improve resistance and lower cholesterol levels.

What Are Probiotics, And Can They Help Restore Gut Health?

Probiotics are living microbial supplements that affect their host animal beneficially by providing microbial balance. Probiotics provide food to promote the growth of friendly bacteria in the gut. By creating a nourishing environment in the stomach, probiotics help cure irritable bowel syndrome, reduce bloating and prevent diarrhea. Probiotics also help to fight against diseases and infections that can cause severe illnesses and infections, which is why doctors and therapists recommend using probiotic foods and supplements to maintain bacterial balance inside the gut.


To maintain gut flora of the intestines and avoid various infections and diseases, doctors and therapists highly advise using the best probiotic supplement on the market: Probioform. It is a living liquid probiotic supplement that is highly effective in the maintenance of bacterial balance in the intestinal tract.

Why Is Probioform The First Choice Of Doctors And Therapists?

Probioform is the brand that most doctors and therapists fell in love with due to its useful and beneficial results. It is a probiotic liquid, and this is its most significant plus point.

Most probiotic supplements are freeze-dried — and a complete waste of your money. The liquid state is a pure and natural environment where bacteria can grow and colonize. Powdered or pill probiotics use an artificial way to preserve these strains. They segregate their microbes as their bacterial cultures grow, then combine them after being centrifuged and dried.

Probioform is different. Our bacterial strains remain in their natural state, keeping all the beneficial metabolites and organic acids synthesized by bacteria during their healthy growth and colonization. These byproducts also provide incredible health benefits to the whole human body, including the immune system and brain.

Another superb quality of Probioform that makes it the best available probiotic supplement is the better survival chances for its bacteria. Probioform uses the traditional fermentation process with additional cascading properties. Cascade fermentation allows the purest and maximum concentration of bacterial strains by passing it through various steps. At the same time, the co-growth fermentation of bacterial strains allows the different bacterial strains to interact with one another to create a diversity that is essential for gut health.

The main issue with getting any probiotic supplement to reach its destination is the harsh environment of the digestive tract due to stomach acid and bile. The delicate bacteria cannot bear this fluctuation in pH, so they never make reach the lower intestinal tract. In Probioform, our fermentation method of synthesis allows the bacteria to regulate and achieve their ideal environmental pH of 3.7. This natural pH regulation makes it possible for the live probiotics to reach the lower intestine and start colonization quickly.

This stability and resilience of Probioform’s bacterial strains also aid in its transportation and storage. Probioform doesn’t require refrigeration, which is why it is easy to transport, and it can be stored in the dark at room temperature. In addition to all these brilliant features of Probioform, its lighter effect on the stomach makes it a perfectly suitable living liquid for the entire family, including infants, athletes, pregnant women and the elderly.

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