Cascade Fermantation

A State-Of-The-Art Production Process

Modern science has enabled Probioform to be produced in a manner that makes it viable from mouth to gut. Using cascade fermentation, we are able to properly control the pH level of Probioform, keeping it at 3.7. We achieve this by carefully managing the acidic, butyric and lacto acid levels. This is what gives us such a high-quality probiotic liquid — one capable of surviving the stomach’s acid defense while creating a supportive environment for our healthy, intestinal microbes.

What Is Fermentation?

Fermentation is the process of breaking down complex compounds into simpler substances. Microorganisms, like bacteria and yeast, play an important role in the process of fermentation. In this chemical process, molecules such as glucose are broken down anaerobically (without oxygen).

Famous French biologist Louis Pasteur used fermentation in a narrow sense in the 19th century to explain the changes brought by bacteria and other microorganisms growing in the absence of oxygen.

The Cascade Process

When one stage of enrichment is not enough to acquire the targeted percentage, multiple stages are strung together in a sequence. Every stage of cascading uses more enriched purer input for the next stage.


Microorganisms are our constant companions, and they are everywhere around, on and inside us. Healthy microbiomes team with diversity, and every one of their species and strain show unique function and abilities. With the combination of diversity and balance, these beneficial microorganisms keep the population of pathogens at bay, prevent diseases and maintain an overall healthy system.

Environmental input, diet, and stress unbalance the intestinal system and allow harmful microbes to take over. Probioform is a probiotic liquid supplement that allows you to maintain this intestinal balance in a better way.


Probioform is a full-spectrum, living liquid probiotic supplement used to restore gut health efficiently. The gut is the gateway to health and wellbeing, but it is under daily attack like never before. Environmental toxins, antibiotics, processed food, fertilizers, and so many other factors are leading us to allergies, leaky gut, gluten sensitivities, eczema, general digestive distress and autoimmune disorders.

Probioform contains a balanced ecosystem of active, live bacterial strains. These strains mainly include Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium that actively restore gut health as nature intended it. Its liquid composition not only easy to use, but makes it convenient to add into an existing routine.

What Is Cascade Fermentation?

Cascade fermentation is a dynamic fermentation formula that provides health-enhancing concentrates. This idiomatic process produces elements that are naturally and biologically active. These elements echo the enzyme cascade process in the human body.

To be complete and balanced, the liquid concentration of valuable ingredients and nutrients must include individual amino acids and short-chain peptides. The concentrate is easily assimilated and boosted with a life force that makes it easy for the human body to use it quickly. Cascade fermentation synthesizes supplements and foods that help to compensate for various deficiencies of the human body. The cascade fermentation is usually used for:

  • Fragmentation of nutrients and enzymes with high molecular mass into subunits with smaller molecular mass to avoid allergic reactions and facilitate assimilation
  • Formation of L+ lactic acid from carbohydrates and sugar.
  • Decentralization or fragmentation of proteins into amino acids, di-peptides, tri-peptides, and oligo-peptides.
This unique and advanced technology is used by Probioform to provide the best liquid probiotic supplement. With cascade fermentation, the end product is wholly natural, or, you may say, “nature in its most concentrated form.”

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Probioform And Cascade Fermentation

When we refer to some bacterial species as “probiotics,” these species must fulfill the following characteristics:


The species must have to compete with already present pathogenic bacteria that are the result of antimicrobial compounds and acidification.


They must improve the immune defense against microorganisms.


They need to compete for receptors and adhere to the cell to stay alive and then colonize in the intestine.


They need to affect the enzymatic modification of receptors for bacterial toxins.

To provide resilience to the bacterial culture against the high pH of the gastric system, the cascade fermentation process is used. The process of cascading assures the maximum concentration of live culture in Probioform. When this bacteria culture, fermented in natural acids, passes through various steps, it purifies into a liquid containing a concentrated amount of living bacteria.

The concentrated and balanced living liquid in Probioform makes the live bacteria more resistant, enabling it to survive in a highly acidic medium of stomach acid. This stability of Probioform delivers maximum gut health benefits when and where we need it.

Probioform: A Gutsy Guarantee

Probioform is equally safe and effective for adults, kids and even babies. It allows you to stop worrying about different probiotics for every family member. Plus, it is 100% natural with no added preservatives, colorants or fillers.

Instead of using the segregation method, our co-growth method allows bacterial strands to interact with each other naturally and preserve their full vitality and biological activity. This cooperation between bacteria allows them to resist and fight against bad bacteria more efficiently. The fermentation process held in natural acids maintains the pH of this living liquid probiotic supplement (3.7) to allow the bacteria to grow and colonize naturally.

Our low pH and cascade fermentation process also ensures these bacteria will survive in the stomach. This also means Probioform with work in the intestinal tract within 15 minutes. All the products synthesized by these living bacteria like enzymes, antioxidants, and vitamins are also present in Probioform to obtain all the possible benefits of the probiotics.

The shelf stability of pH-balanced Probioform is amazing. There is no need to refrigerate it, making it is easy to travel with, and you can easily store it at room temperature. Probioform supports healthy digestion, promotes regularity, may help to combat diarrhea, assures intestinal and immune health, and relieves gas and bloating. Probioform is the result of stronger and more resilient communities of microbes that can survive in stomach acid better than any other liquid probiotic supplement.

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Why Do We Need It

Today’s food is produced in an unnatural way, relying on chemicals, pesticides, and artificial fertilizers. The result: little-to-no natural lactic acid bacteria is left on the food we eat. With a daily probiotic, you can replenish your microbiome with the good bacteria your diet is leaving behind.

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Powder or Liquid

Most probiotic manufacturers make their products in either powder or pill form. This isn’t done for any health-related reason — it is simply to save money in production and simplify transportation.

Probioform does things differently. Our living liquid probiotic supplement gives you so many more benefits at a cost that is negligible.

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Fermentation is one of the oldest known ways of conserving food — it also happens to make delicious dishes. Probioform in an excellent fermentation starter; because it is a living liquid, it can help start the fermentation process instantly.

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