Why Do We Need It

We Need Probiotics Now More Than Ever

We used to get our probiotics naturally, directly from the food we ate. But as time has gone on, we’ve started producing our food differently, often with chemicals, pesticides and artificial fertilizers that leave little-to-no lactic acid bacteria on our food.

The way we prepare our food is also tough on microbes. Cooking, frying and microwaving meals kills off the natural and healthy bacteria. That’s why Probiotics have to be an essential part of our daily life.

This idea can be tough to understand, because we make a lot of effort to get rid of bacteria in our daily routine. We are using antibacterial soaps and lotions more than ever, not to mention taking antibiotics to recover from infections. But did you know that bacteria are not all bad?

Bacteria may have a reputation for causing disease, but there is a growing body of evidence that demonstrates the abilities of live bacteria to prevent and treat certain illnesses. Foods and supplements containing specific kinds of live bacteria help to keep us healthy, and these beneficial microorganisms are known as probiotics.

What Are Probiotics?

The etymology of the word “probiotics” comes from two words. “Pro” means “for” and “biotic” is taken from the word “biota,” meaning “life.” Probiotics are an essential part of Northern Europeans daily life. The people in that region traditionally eat foods, such as yogurt, that are fermented with bacteria. Probiotics are living microorganisms that can help to prevent and treat some illnesses by promoting a strong immune system and healthy digestive tract.

Factors Affecting Our MIcrobiome In Our Daily Lives

The human gut is home to more than 100 trillion bacteria that form our “gut flora.” Healthy gut flora is incredibly important for our overall health and wellbeing, though there are many factors affect negatively the bacteria, living in and on our body:

Eating Habits:

A diverse, rich gut flora is considered healthy. When the diversity becomes limited, recovery from harmful influences is minimized. Our eating habits are our main impact on the profile of our gut flora. Food not only provides us with nutrients, but it helps bacteria to grow. A rich and balanced diet with a wide variety of whole food, such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, etc. promotes the growth of different kinds of bacteria to diversify the flora in our gut.

Unluckily, in the last 50 to 60 years, the diversity of the western diet has become totally lost. Today, nearly 75 percent of the food supply of the entire world is dependent on only five animal species and 12 plants. In addition to that, we are all exposed daily to a variety of environmental pollutants that have been linked to different pathologies. These fertilizers and pesticides also stop natural probiotics from reaching the intestines alive.

Lack Of Prebiotics:

Prebiotics improve the activity and growth of friendly gut bacteria. These are types of fibers that are undigested while passing through the digestive system. Their deficiency in daily diet is harmful to the overall digestive health. Fibers are an important part of many vegetables, fruits and whole grains. These prebiotics promotes short-chain fatty acids, which are the main nutrients of the human colon. By absorbing these fatty acids into the blood, we reduce our risk of inflammation and colorectal cancer. These fatty acids also promote digestive and metabolic health.

Absence Of Physical Activities:

Physical activities are the body movements that burn energy such as cycling, walking, running, swimming, etc. Being physically active is highly beneficial to living a healthy life — it helps to reduce body weight, minimize the risk of chronic diseases, and lower stress and anxiety. What’s more, physical activities also improve gut health by altering gut bacteria.

Lack of physical activities and an unhealthy lifestyle can negatively affecting gut flora, as well as promoting the growth of bad bacteria that cause various health issues like bloating, obesity, constipation, etc.

Use Of Antibiotics:

No doubt, the antibiotic is important medicine to treat diseases and infections caused by bacteria and fungi. Antibiotics work to stop or kill bad or infectious bacteria. But antibiotics never discriminate between good and bad bacteria, and a single antibiotic treatment can bring harmful changes to the composition and diversity of gut flora.

Not Enough Sleep:

Good sleep is a big secret to overall health, and sleep deprivation is linked to a variety of diseases and ailments, including heart diseases and obesity. We need to follow our body’s clock to keep our circadian rhythm in balance. Our gut follows this same rhythm and work in shifts — eating late at night and never following a timetable for proper sleep may also have harmful effects on the gut.

Today’s busy and unscheduled lifestyle is causing sleep deprivation and enhancing the abundance of bacteria that causes type 2 diabetes, fat metabolism, obesity and weight gain.

Heavy Stress:

Being and staying healthy is not all about a balanced diet, physical activities, and adequate sleep. Heavy stress also causes harmful effects on our brain and body. Stress negatively affects brain functions and produces conditions like depression and anxiety. Similarly, high stress levels increase sensitivity and reduces blood flow in the gut, which can also alter the diversity of gut bacteria.

Smoking & Drinking Alcohol:

There are thousands of chemicals present in cigarettes, and at least 70 of them can cause cancer. Smoking is harmful to every single organ of the body and also increases the risks of lung cancer and heart stroke. Smoking also enhances the risk factor for inflammatory bowel diseases. But if you stop smoking, you can increase the diversity of your gut flora.

Alcohol and its high toxin count also has mental and physical effects on your overall health. Chronic alcohol consumption also causes serious health problems, including dysbiosis.

Why do I need probiotic supplements?

A gut flora high in friendly bacteria is essential for your health and wellbeing. To achieve this target, it’s important to change The vegetables, grains, and fruits we consume regularly do not provide the appropriate amount of probiotics. The fertilizers, pesticides and other various preserving and packing procedures we use today almost completely destroy the availability of probiotics in these natural food items. This is why it is becoming essential to use a quality probiotic supplement regularly to keep bacterial balance.

Take Care Of Your Gut

A gut flora high in friendly bacteria is essential for your health and wellbeing. To achieve this target, it’s important to change our daily lifestyles to enhance our healthy gut flora. To improve gut health, use the following tips:

Eat Prebiotic Food:

Eating plenty of prebiotic fiber in our daily routine is beneficial for our gut health. Prebiotics are mainly found in foods such as legumes, asparagus, bananas, oats, onions, etc.

Add Polyphenols In Your Diet:

Polyphenols are not digested efficiently, and that is the reason they make their way to colon where they are digested by bacteria. Red wine, blueberries, green tea and dark chocolate are great main sources of polyphenols.

Get Quality Sleep:

Improve your sleep time naturally by cutting out caffeine late in the day, taking a bath before sleep, setting your sleep routine, sleeping in a dark and comfortable room, and avoid using a cell phone right before sleep.

Reduce Stress:

Proper medications, regular exercise and deep breathing are great activities for reducing stress levels. If your levels of anxiety and/or depression are unmanageable, it is also highly advised to consult your psychologist.

Consume Probiotics:

Probiotics are highly recommended for overall health and wellbeing, as well as to maintain the balance of gut flora. Fermented food like cheese, yogurt, pickles, kimchi, kefir and tempeh are excellent sources of probiotics.

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Probioform is a living liquid probiotic supplement. It is produced in a natural way to help you maintain balance in your gut environment. Its bacterial strains are produced through a cascade fermentation process and by the co-growth method.

This entire process allows bacteria to regulate the pH of their environment. The interactions between bacterial strains also allow the bacteria to become resilient and more efficient to survive in the gastrointestinal tract and start working in almost no time. Plus, its strains of bacteria stay in their most natural live state when they are in liquid.

The Probioform solution also contains all of the beneficial byproducts, metabolites and natural acids synthesized by bacteria during their lifecycle. These metabolites include enzymes, antioxidants and vitamins (especially vitamins B and K), and they are incredibly beneficial for us — especially our immune systems and brains.

Qualities That Make Probioform An Essential Probiotic Supplement

Some prominent features of Probioform are:
  • It is living: Probioform is never been freeze-dried, which enables its probiotics to thrive in their most natural liquid form.
  • Complete in every way: The liquid form of Probioform maintains nutrients and allow bacterial strands to grow and multiply even after bottling.
  • Diverse: Probioform has a diverse ecosystem of beneficial microbes that helps to restore the diversity of human gut flora.
  • Resilient: Probioform is acid-stable. It is naturally acidic, which allows living microbes to exist in the acidic environment of the
  • human digestive system.
  • Synergic: Probioform retains metabolites like short-chain fatty acids, amino acids, minerals, enzymes, vitamins and bioactive peptides.
  • It is said that all diseases begin in the gut, and, if that is true, it is crucial to give our gut a fighting chance. Probioform is a single solution for the entire family’s probiotic needs. Use it regularly to move toward a healthy life, with a healthy gut.

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Most probiotic manufacturers make their products in either powder or pill form. This isn’t done for any health-related reason — it is simply to save money in production and simplify transportation.

Probioform does things differently. Our living liquid probiotic supplement gives you so many more benefits at a cost that is negligible.

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Fermentation is one of the oldest known ways of conserving food — it also happens to make delicious dishes. Probioform in an excellent fermentation starter; because it is a living liquid, it can help start the fermentation process instantly.

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