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Let’s get women’s intestinal health back on track

The founding father of modern medicine once said that all the diseases begin to form in the gut. Today, we understand that gastrointestinal issues are contributing to a whole host of taxing conditions. Women are using probiotics to combat unbalanced digestive systems made up of more than 100 trillion bacteria. These bacteria affect everything from physical health to mental wellbeing to weight gain/loss.

Why probiotics have become critically important

There are good bacteria that promote a healthy digestive system, and they work to combat harmful bacteria, help absorb nutrients, improve digestion, reduce infections and inflammation, promote a strong gut lining, enhance the body’s immune system, and optimize mood.

Probiotics have plenty to offer the gut, and their use has become so essential due to changes in lifestyle and extreme diet in the last 100 years, especially in the west. From various chemicals and fertilizers to the use of pesticides, canned and preserved food, and high-stress environments, women have put more and more stress on the gut barrier and its microbiome.

Probiotics and women

Today’s woman can be an influencer, a businesswoman, a globetrotter, a mother, a mother-to-be and more. She is the reason for the survival and stability of mankind, which is why it is essential to improve her everyday health and wellbeing. And probiotics help make her ready to enjoy every moment in her life.

Women have some a variety health and wellbeing issues that are specific to their gender. These are more related to hormonal and genetic changes throughout their lives. Women are more affected by hormonal fluctuations and raised stress levels that can affect their mood, digestive health, immunity, etc., and almost all these issues can be linked to endogenous microflora.

To support women’s health, the benefits of probiotics are becoming increasingly clear. Probiotics can restore and maintain the natural defenses and occasional stress, digestive and vaginal microflora balance, and more. Probiotics can be considered as small-but-effective weapons from nature designed to improve the intestinal, urinary and vaginal health of women..

Probiotics are essential for her

When it is said that probiotics are necessary for women, it is not just about digestion, though that is a large part of it. It is also about the overall health and wellbeing of women, including metabolism stabilization, immunity regulation, detoxification, hormonal imbalance, and even emotional health. It’s no wonder that scientific literature emphasizes women’s need for probiotic supplements. All of these issues point to the regular use of probiotics by women.

Why probiotic supplements?

Ideally, women would get sufficient, natural probiotics by simply eating right, but that is difficult in today’s world.

Our modern food supply is rife with preservatives, artificial colors and flavors, and other manmade issues that affect the healthiness of what we eat. Vegetables and plants are often exposed to pesticides and fertilizers. There are toxins in the water we drink, in the air we breathe, and just generally all around us. Then there are medicines and antibiotics.

Our exposure to medicines and environmental pollution has opened the door for poor health by wreaking havoc on our gut bacteria.

A healthy gut has trillions of friendly, helpful bacteria inside it. To achieve this in these modern times, a good probiotic supplement aids the gut’s day-to-day functioning. Probiotic supplements deliver a sufficient quantity of probiotics to women, helping them maintain the correct balance of intestinal flora.

Benefits of probiotics for women

Healthy gut bacteria regulate hormonal functioning in women. Gut bacteria regulate thyroid hormones and estrogen. In fact, our bacterial friends contribute to women’s health in many ways:

– Probiotics provide vitamins B12 and K, biotin, and folate, all of which are very important for bone health.
– The role of probiotics is well defined for the process of digestion. They not only help in the breakdown of food, but also in the absorption of essential nutrients such as proteins, complex carbohydrates, magnesium, calcium, iron and copper.
– Vaginal health is always a matter of concern for women. Many factors, like contraceptives, antibiotics and even spermicides can negatively affect vaginal health by reducing the pH level inside the vagina. The growth of harmful bacteria inside the vagina can cause severe risks to vaginal health. Probiotics maintain a slightly acidic environment inside the vagina that reduces the overgrowth of harmful bacteria and fungi.
– With the aging process, the metabolism slows down, and it becomes more challenging to maintain a healthy weight. Probiotic microbes also help women to gain and retain weight. To lose weight for a healthy body, probiotics can also be helpful.
– The gut is the second brain in the body. A network of billions of neurons interconnects the brain and gut, and that is the reason why gut health directly impacts on the way you feel and think. Probiotics improve mental health and clarity, as well as control mood fluctuations, by maintaining hormonal balance during PMS and menopause.
– Hormonal balance also provides vibrant energy. Probiotics control hormones like serotonin, the happiness chemical, and cortisol, which releases during stress. This hormonal regulation helps women to experience more energy and joy every day.
– Similar to the gut and vagina, our skin is also home to microbiomes. The nutritional support of probiotics also impacts skin health. Women with eczema and allergies can possibly pass these conditions to their children. Probiotics help managing problems like acne, eczema, hypersensitivity, allergic inflammations, skin damage and wound healing.

Which probiotic supplement is suitable for women?

There is a long list of probiotic supplements claiming to be beneficial for a woman’s health and wellbeing, but most are not up to the task. Probioform, however, is a supplement that is highly suitable for all family members of any age, including women. Here’s how:

– Probioform is a living liquid probiotic supplement:
Unlike many probiotic supplements, Probioform is not available in powdered or pill form. It is a living liquid, and this feature separates it from the majority of other probiotic supplements. In the liquid state, probiotics are in their most natural environment. During the process of freeze-drying (used for powders and pills), microbes cannot grow naturally.

Probioform uses a traditional fermentation method, in which natural acids not only facilitate the bacterial life, but also improve the delivery and survival of probiotics to the lower intestine. Probioform’s cascade fermentation process (fermentation through various steps to get concentrated bacterial culture) maximizes the number of bacterial strains introduced into the GI tract. Probioform strains exist in their most natural state, and that is why our solution retains all organic acids and metabolites. These metabolites are incredibly beneficial for the brain, immune system and the entire human body.
– Co-growth culture method:
Generally, probiotic supplements contain segregated strands of bacteria that are separated and then preserved as a probiotic supplement. These segregated strains of bacteria are weak and cannot survive efficiently inside the bacterial flora of the gut.

Probioform uses the natural method of co-growth, in which strains of bacterial culture grow together in an environment that allows them to interact with each other. This natural method of growth produces bacteria that are resilient and can easily adjust to the gut environment. Their interaction abilities are so strong that they quickly start multiplying inside the gut within just 15 minutes.
– pH adjustability:
Our use of old traditional fermentation style regulates the pH level in our microbes’ environment. Our pH is not altered chemically, so our bacterial consortium is able to reach the desired pH of 3.7. The human stomach is a highly acidic place with the pH fluctuation of 1.5 to 3.5 (usually it is 2.4). This fluctuation depends upon fasted or fed states and other physiological conditions. Other probiotic supplements, which have been synthesized by the segregation method and freeze-dried process, are so delicate that they are unable to bear this highly acidic pH. They cannot reach their target alive.

The probiotics in Probioform can survive this highly acidic pH, allowing them to reach their target. This is the most significant advantage of Probioform, putting it far ahead of similar products.
– Preservation:
Probiotic supplements are usually available in refrigerators, and they have no shelf life. Probioform has an entire bacterial ecosystem inside its packaging in a natural state. This makes it ultra-stable, so it does not require refrigeration.


Probioform is the perfect family probiotic solution that is gentle on the stomach. It is an ideal ally for women’s health, and it supports the wellness and unique anatomy of women by:

– Reducing gas and bloating.
– Regulating nutrient absorption and proper digestion.
– Balancing average growth of yeast and maintaining yeast balance.
– Promoting immune and urinary health.
– Aiding weight loss.

Probioform is a natural way to support gut flora, making it excellent for the health and wellness of women.

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