Probiotics for the Aging Body

by | Aug 23, 2020


Probiotics for the Aging Body

Slow Down the Aging Process with Probiotics

Getting older may have its ups and downs, but it is one of those things that people usually try to fight. There’s no need to worry about more candles on the cake; rather, we should be focused on the affects that age leaves on our entire body, especially on our brain, skin and joints.

People pay a lot to look younger, which is why there are millions of age-defying serums, creams, and other anti-aging products that claim to reduce the signs of aging, erase wrinkles, and make you look younger and fresh. Do they really work?

Maybe yes, but to a smaller extent than you’d like to think. Perhaps they can vanish fine lines of aging or keep your skin hydrated for avoiding wrinkles, but they have nothing to do with the aging of your brain and joints. Don’t forget, beauty is only skin deep. How good we look on the outside depends on what is going on the inside. That is why your saving grace from the aging process is not your expensive skincare treatments — it’s the bacteria that live inside your gut!

Our body is capable of retaining its youthful looks when you provide it with the means. So first look at your gut microflora. Any damage caused to our inner ecosystem ends up on our face. Stress, pollution, alcohol, junk food and drugs all factors harm our body from the inside out. As we get older and our body stops bouncing back, these signs become more visible.

Can we do anything about aging?

Yes, we can! Of course, it’s an unstoppable process, but a healthy gut microbiome plays a significant role in how well our body ages. To maintain the gut microbiota, healthy and balanced probiotics are essential. Probiotics can minimize the impact of oxidative stress, maintain the pH of acidic skin, slow down the process of photo-aging, improve the texture and quality of hair, and boost the functioning of the skin barrier.

How probiotics can help to fight the signs of aging

The healthy gut microbiome is not only good for proper body functioning, immunity and brain health, and it also helps minimize the signs of aging:

  • Probiotics boost immune functioning
    • As people get older, the microbiota diversity declines, while susceptibility to colds, flu, chronic diseases and other illnesses may increase.In older people, usually, Bifidobacterium is present in lower quantities, while the Bacteroidetes increase their numbers in the gastrointestinal system. Certain Proteobacteria may also increase their risk of bowel disease.
    • For this reason, probiotic supplementation is essential in elderly people. The regular intake of beneficial bacteria enhances natural protection against infections and provides prevention from many age-related diseases.
  • Probiotic reduce cognitive decline
    • Aging is often associated with general cognitive decline and memory loss. Neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease are also growing threats of aging. But researchers suggest that taking beneficial live bacteria as a probiotic supplement can enhance cognitive functioning and memory in older patients. According to some of the latest research, probiotics may also improve learning and could reduce anxiety, depression and OCD-like symptoms.
  • Probiotics enhance hair and nails health
    • Healthy hair and nails are an essential asset for every woman (and men too!). A healthy gut can help hair grow longer and nails stronger. Nails are made of proteins, and good gut bacteria break down the proteins into the amino acids which are required for healthy and strong nails. Healthy microflora allows a continuous supply of nutrients to the hair, skin and nails. They also fight against harmful yeast and pathogens.
  • Probiotics improve joint health
    • Aching joints are a common symptom of aging, especially for those who have lost cartilage to physical activity, an injury, or general wear and tear. Beneficial bacteria can lessen inflammation linked with joint pain and osteoarthritis. Inflammatory arthritis, also known as leaky gut syndrome, is associated with inflammation of the intestinal tract, and it often leads to high intestinal permeability. Probiotics can help with reducing intestinal permeability and minimizing the inflammation of joint pain and by reducing pathogenic bacteria from the gut.
  • Probiotics prevent wrinkles
    • Wrinkles are one of the most apparent signs of aging that appears on the face. Free radicals are one of the major causes of wrinkles and age spots that damage skin cells. Healthy bacteria in the gut fight off free radicals that may damage the liver and protect you from the toxins and oxidative stress that damages the skin. Probiotics improve skin complexion by helping the body to digest and absorb nutrients from food. Due to proper digestion, skin cells receive more vitamins, antioxidants and minerals that are essential to be healthy.
  • Probiotics prevent weight gain
    • Maintaining a healthy balance of gut bacteria can prevent weight gain and keep a check on your appetiteA healthy gut microbiome reduces the bad bacteria, which cause cravings for sugar and carbs. The daily use of probiotic supplements can result in gaining significantly less. It also shows that probiotics may be an effective way to prevent obesity and weight gain.
  • Probiotics improve overall skin health
    • Probiotics can boost skin elasticity and reduce skin wrinkles in women with dry skin.Probiotics also help to produce a variety of other nutrients that support daily energy levels and overall wellbeing of the skin. Regular use of probiotic supplements shows a significant reduction in the depth and appearance of wrinkles.


As we grow older, it becomes more important to remain proactive about our health, and that involves taking a daily probiotic supplement, such as Probioform. Age won’t be a burden on the body if you feel energized and healthy. Boosting the inner health with probiotics can make a big difference on the affects that aging leave on your skin, brain, joints and overall wellbeing.

If you start taking Probioform, a highly efficient living liquid with resilient bacterial strains now, you may never feel old at all. Probioform uses a patented delivery system to get many good bacteria to your gut when compared to regular probiotic supplements.

Probioform delivers probiotics into the body in the way that nature intended.


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