How to Choose the Best Probiotic Supplement?

by | Nov 2, 2021

How to Choose the Best Probiotic Supplement

In the past few years and still, probiotics have become a popular supplement especially among the keep-fit buffs. In this article, Probioform will make you understand that how to choose the best probiotic supplement to keep your gut healthy.

The benefits of these living organisms are far beyond your imagination. For instance, it could keep the gut function and beyond. But to use it to promote your health you must make sure to choose the best probiotic supplement for an effective outcome.

What are Probiotics

The bacterias either good ones or bad ones could be found in our gut from birth and onward. This whole process could be termed colonization. These bacterias found in the gut could be in trillions and most of them are the good ones.

A surprising factor is that your body can’t work properly without friendly bacterias. As they’re responsible for converting fiber into short-chain fatty acids, synthesizing certain vitamins, and supporting the immune system.

In case if the growth of the friendly bacterias got affected by any reason then it could be boosted up with the help of probiotics. 

According to health professionals, the probiotic could be defined as living microorganisms if used properly could confer a health benefit on the host.

There are different ways to consume a probiotic either in a supplement form or in fermented foods. Such as yogurt, sauerkraut and kefir.

Most people also confuse probiotics with prebiotics. Although that’s not the case as you could see prebiotics are a kind of fiber that could only serve as a food source for the colon bacterias.

Quality Standards for Best Probiotic Supplement by Probioform

In this section, probioform will share the standards for the best probiotic supplement that’ll keep your gut up and running.

1. Never freeze-dried

The microbes should never be freeze-dried to keep and must be alive. This ensures that they start to multiply within 15 min after consumption for a fast effect.

2. Cascade fermentation

Our selected strains are grown in a process of co-growth that combines multiple strains and temperatures during fermentation.

Therefore, each strain is interacting with other strains in its liquid form, making them much more resilient and capable of working together synergistically. As the healthy bacterias in this way are trained to interact, we don’t get any overgrowth of just a few strains, which can create an imbalance in the intestines.

3. Beneficial acids

As a result of our cascade fermentation process, the bacterias produce beneficial life-supporting acids that create a low pH environment of 3.7.

This ensures that the microbes survive when they enter the stomach acid defense of pH 2.4. The lactic and acetic acid also promotes optimal growth conditions for all healthy bacterias found in the human biome.

4. Broad-spectrum microbes

Probioform`s formulation has been created to supply the body with what we used to get from nature before we started to use microwaving, frying, cooking, and pasteurized food that kills all the friendly bacteria. To learn more, ask to join our webinar.

5. Beneficial byproducts

During the fermentation process, the good bacterias produce enzymes, antioxidants, B- and K-vitamins, we leave in all of these good nutrients.

6. No refrigeration is needed

Due to the stability of Probioform, it can be stored at room temperature for up to a year after opening without losing its effect.

7.  All-natural

The finished product has no sugar, fillers, or additives. It is also free from lactose, gluten, soy, and GMOs.

8. A solution for the whole family

Probioform can be used by the entire family – from infants to adults; making it easy to use and a very cost-efficient product.

Specific digestive issues could be treated using probiotics

Based on the outcome of the studies worldwide Probioform could claim that probiotics could cure some specific digestive issues and could keep the digestive system up and running.  

1. Correcting a dysbiotic gut microbiome

Probioform can effectively balance and repopulate a dysbiotic gut microbiome without the risk of overgrowth of single bacterias. The beneficial acids, along with the balanced formula of microbes in Probioform, offer the optimal conditions for a fast repopulation of the intestinal flora.

2. Supporting bowel regularity

Constipation and slow bowel movements affect around 40% of the population and are often a sign of a weak intestinal flora. Probioform can quickly replenish beneficial bacteria to provide both fast relief and, a long-term solution for bowel regularity. 

3. Reduction in the symptoms of Leaky Gut & Chron’s disease & Ulcerative colitis

One of the main complications with intestinal permeability is that the colon becomes permeable for leakage of waste of products into the bloodstream causing an overworked immune system and decreased nutrient absorption.

Some of the leading causes are residues of pesticides, primarily glyphosate, and gluten. A correct balance of healthy gut bacteria reduces the rotting processes in the gut and helps to repair and build up a healthy gut lining.

4. IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome)

IBS is a complex symptom that can manifest itself in many different ways. Creating the right environment for healthy, beneficial microbes to thrive can, in many cases, improve many of the symptoms experienced. These symptoms include alternating constipation and loose stool, gas & bloating, abdominal pain, and more.


Since IBS is an inflammatory condition, it is imperative to start with a small dose of Probioform – from only a few drops per day to 1 teaspoon as a starting dose.

5. Gas & Bloating

The excessive gas buildup is usually a sign of imbalanced gut flora and can also be a symptom of accumulation of undigested food. As the healthy bacteria that is provided in Probioform repopulates and balances the microbiome, waste products, and undigested food is flushed out in a natural process.

It should be noted that during this cleansing process, a person might experience an increase in the gas buildup for a short period before it reaches its natural balance again.

6. Acid reflux/Heartburn

Acid reflux is usually a symptom of an incorrect pH level in the stomach. Probioform has a low pH of 3.7 and provides the right acids to give relief from acid reflux and heartburn rapidly.

7. Relief from Diarrhea

Loose stool/diarrhea is often a sign of something entering the colon that is considered too harmful to be absorbed. The body’s natural defense system then excretes water into the colon to flush it out. This is not optimal for nutrient absorption and life quality.


We could conclude that there is no doubt that probiotics can easily treat some specific digestive issues. The plus point is that it could even improve the general health of a body by pumping up the immune system and vice versa.

To choose the best probiotic supplement it’s strongly recommended to follow the points mentioned in the article. If you won’t follow the points correctly then your savings will be lost on an inefficient supplement.  

Probioform delivers probiotics into the body in the way that nature intended.

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