Best time to take probiotics before bed

by | Nov 3, 2021

Best time to take probiotics before bed

In this article, we’ll discuss the best time to take probiotics before bed. As we all know that probiotics are now considered a new trend for the health of a body. But the best part is that there are different forms of probiotic supplements available in the market.

These probiotic supplements range from bottled water to tortilla chips filled with friendly microbes. Just for a quick review, you must know that “probiotics are friendly bacterias useful to pump up the health of the microbiome“.

Probiotic supplements could pump up the health of the microbiome in many ways. Such as by balancing the fungi, viruses, and bacterias that live in the intestine.

There are only two ways of taking a probiotic either you could take it from foods such as kimchi, miso, and yogurt or through a pill.

People who are already healthy enough also look for probiotics to maintain or improve their health. So if you’re one of those healthy peeps who want to take advantage of probiotics then — sorry to…let down your hopes! But this isn’t happening at all!

Although the studies indicate that probiotics could be useful to treat some particular diseases belonging to digestive disorders. Such as constipation, acid reflux, and diarrhea.

According to the studies, probiotics could also help people to cure ulcerative colitis by reducing inflammation. People suffering from the condition known as the traveler’s diarrhea could also use probiotics for the treatment. It could also help in curing bad diarrhea after having taken antibiotics.

How often should I take probiotics?

The effects of probiotics are very tricky to be understood. Based on the research done by the Pro-bioform to make the probiotics effective enough. You’ll have to keep using it until any improvement isn’t noticed in your health.

Furthermore, the effect of the probiotics spread off right after pooping it out. So I am hoping that you’re not going to make awkward faces after knowing it. The researchers also suggest that “Any benefits from a probiotic only happens as it passes through the body”.

So it’ll be better for you to take the probiotics at a certain time to make the probiotics more effective than usual.

When should I take probiotics at night?

According to the doctors, the ideal time for taking the probiotics at night could be right before bed. The reason for this is that “the gut is pretty inactive at night”; to make this theory more concrete let me ask you.

Did you ever go to the bathroom to poop in the middle of your night nap? I am sure most of the people say…Nah!

Gastroenterologists and internal medicine experts all over the world also suggest that “there is a better chance that the probiotics hang around, divide and potentially get integrated into the gut if it’s ingested at night”.

Should the probiotics need to be taken with other medications?

In case if you have taken any vitamins or other medication in the morning that could promote the friendly bacterias then you could take the probiotics at night.

After taking the probiotics right before bed at night the good bacteria will start to heal the digestive problems. This is the exact thing that you must be looking for while purchasing a probiotic supplement.

Tips to maximize the health benefits of Probiotics

  1. Its strongly recommended that you store the probiotics in a refrigerated condition. Placing probiotics in too much heat for a long time could kill the bacterias.
  2. You must choose a high-quality, multi-strain, and multispecies product for maximum benefits.
  3. The recommended use instruction must be read out so that “you could take the probiotics properly“.
  4. Claims made by any probiotic supplement must be supported by clinical research using the final product. By following this instruction you’ll be sure that you have bought a product whose effects had been analyzed.
  5. The selection of probiotics must be based on your health needs. Because different strains of probiotics could cause different effects on the health. You should also know that probiotics work only in teams.
    Therefore if the strains of probiotics are combined effectively then the benefits could be beyond your imagination.
    So you must choose the best probiotic supplement based on your health needs and approved by clinical research organizations.
  6. Like any other medicine, you’ll have to take care of the timing while using a probiotic supplement. Most health professionals suggest taking probiotics on an empty stomach. For instance 2-3 hours after the last meal and 30 minutes before the next meal. The detailed instruction on the intake of probiotics could be found on its label.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

1. Do probiotics help you sleep better?

Yes, the use of probiotic supplements with an increased serotonin supply in your daily lifestyle could help you sleep better. More importantly, it could also keep a check-in on the cortisol level which could be critical for slow-wave sleep.

The health of the colon can impact the overall digestive system of a body. So a colon working properly could also make you feel stronger enough to fight the disease.

2. Do probiotics make you poop? 

There could be a possibility that after an intake of probiotics you’ll start pooping. But it isn’t compulsory mostly this could happen with people suffering from bowel syndrome (IBS). In that case, you’ll have to understand that probiotics aren’t laxatives. So it can’t be used to stimulate the bowels at all!

3. Are apple, cider, and vinegar probiotics?

There is no doubt that apple, cider, and vinegar contain some form of bacteria either raw or live. But that doesn’t declare them as a probiotic. Only a handful of be declared as probiotic after the proven effects on human health.

4. Are bananas probiotic?

Bananas are considered more than a fruit as they contain minerals, fiber, vitamins, and even a small amount of inulin. Especially the green bananas are highly starch resistant which has probiotic effects.


After exploring the overall topic it’s clear that the best time for taking the probiotic at night is right before going to the bed. Like we discussed throughout the article the only reason behind it is that the gut is very inactive at bedtime. This gives the probiotics enough time to hang around, divide and integrate into the gut.

Probioform delivers probiotics into the body in the way that nature intended.

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