Give Your Skin Health a Boost with Probiotics

by | Jun 20, 2020


Give Your Skin Health a Boost with Probiotics

If you are experiencing skin and gut problems simultaneously, the two afflictions could be more connected than you think. The skin is the largest organ of our body, and, in nutritional studies, it’s considered to be an indicator of possible bodily imbalance and internal issues. Face mapping is an old way to analyze the skin problems related to intolerance, indigestion, and, most importantly, gut issues. The gut and skin have similar functions, as both are organs of detoxification. The restoration or maintenance of a healthy amount of gut bacteria may, in turn, help to improve the skin by absorbing nutrients properly and eliminating toxins.

How does gut health affect the skin?

Sometimes we observe that worse skin conditions do not respond well to the various skincare treatments. The reason may be that the actual issue resides in the gut. Skin needs a sufficient amount of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients to keep looking healthy. Indigestion and gut problem affect our body’s ability to retain the nutrients present in the diet. This poor absorption of nutrients can be reflected in the skin’s health, and it may be what is causing existing skin conditions.

A healthy gut promotes healthy skin

A healthy gut ensures the proper and correct absorption of nutrients and improves common skin conditions. A gut with a wealth of good bacteria is able to limit the growth of harmful bacteria — this is the cornerstone of a healthy gut. If this balance of good bacteria and bad bacteria gets disturbed, our immune system needs to work even harder to keep us healthy. That is why it is essential to eat fermented food and take probiotics to ensure the general wellbeing and healthy body functioning.

Skin enemies

Our skin is both delicate and resilient at the same time. It is continuously exposed to particles and environmental pollutants that make it look dull, unhealthy, and age faster. An improper moisture balance leads to dry skin, and a high production of sebum causes oily skin. Additionally, dehydration, chronic stress, lack of sleep, toxins, UV rays, gravity, and quick loss of collagen and elastin are some other enemies our skin is fighting with continuously.

Probiotics and healthy skin

Good bacteria can relieve numerous skin issues, and probiotics are the primary contributors to total wellness, including skin health. With their anti-inflammatory effect, probiotics improve skin health. Probiotics contribute to skin health by strengthening the innate immunity of the skin, helping in the rejuvenation of skin, healing burns and scars, and reconstructing atopic dermatitis. For radiant skin, proper absorption of vitamins and minerals is essential, and probiotics make it possible by balancing the ratio between good and bad bacteria of the gut.

Regular use of probiotics supplements provides some more amazing benefits to your skin:

  • Probiotics and sunburns
    • Sunburn causes severe skin damage, and the UV rays of the sun accelerate wrinkles and premature skin aging. Probiotics strengthen your immune system and provide a protective shield against the sun’s rays.
  • Probiotics strengthen skin barrier
    • Skin is a physical barrier to protect inner organs, shielding your body from pathogens and toxins. Similar to the gut microbial flora, our skin microbial flora is also essential. The skin microbiome also has beneficial bacteria that protect you from free radicals, pollution and unfriendly bacteria.
  • Probiotics and skin moisture
    • Wrinkles appear prominent on dry skin. The good bacteria in probiotics restore the lipid barrier of the skin, helping your skin retain its essential moisture. Well-hydrated skin looks younger, fresh, radiant and makes wrinkles less visible.
  • Probiotics and wrinkle prevention
    • Improper regulation of toxins and free radicals in the body can damage the skin and cause early signs of aging. Free radicals damage healthy cells in our skin, badly affecting our skin’s structural layer and defensive barrier, which is made up of lipids and collagens. Probiotics flush out bodily toxins, including these free radicals, and they also help repair damage already caused by free radicals.
  • Probiotics and skin elasticity
    • The epidermal ecosystem is responsible for skin elasticity, and probiotics help this ecosystem to maintained and work more efficiently to make skin look firmer and more youthful.


Healthy and youthful skin starts in the gut. A balanced and healthy gut with the right microbial balance assures stronger, more radiant skin. Using Probioform, a living-liquid probiotic, is a comfortable, highly effective solution for your skin’s wellbeing.

Probioform delivers probiotics into the body in the way that nature intended.

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