Our Microbes are Being Threatened

by | Aug 2, 2020


Our Microbes are Being Threatened

Microbes are disappearing from our bodies.

There is a war going on, right under our noses, and we are turning a blind eye to it. Yes, we are acting now because many of us know that trillions of microbes, including bacteria, fungi and viruses, are living in and on our bodies.

But are you aware that these tiny combatants and their genes directly affect our body’s functionality?

The nuclei of human cells contain about 20,000 genes. Still, the microbiome contains roughly 20 million microbial genes that directly and indirectly interact with our genes and, in some cases, even control our genes. These microbial genes are critically essential to the regulation of our metabolism, the production of neurotransmitters that power our nervous system and brain, and the strengthening of our immune system to fight off infections. These microbial genomes are heritable, and the majority of them are transferred from mother to child during childbirth.

Why are microbes in crisis?

The microbiota we have is not accidental. It has coevolved with us over a very long period of time, and we are blessed with its beneficial functions right from our birth. We and our microbiota are working together as an ecological unit. But now our oldest evolutionary friends are in trouble. They are disappearing.

There are three main factors that are ruining the diversity of our microbiota and destroying of our microbial ecosystem:

  • How we are born
    • The sharp rise in birth by Caesarean sections is one of the significant threats to our microbiota. Although this medical intervention has saved the lives of many babies and mothers, it is becoming a common practice now. But unnecessary use of this practice without any pressing medical needs is interfering in a critical stage of child development. The increasingly high number of babies born by C-section is causing a big problem.
    • The initial inoculation of newborn babies with their mother’s microbiomes takes place when a baby travels through the birth canal of their mother. In fact, the mother’s vaginal and fecal microbiome inoculates the fetus during the third trimester of pregnancy with essential microbes. These microbes are critical in the development of the baby’s immune system. The situation gets worse if the child relies on formula milk and a low-fiber diet. Breast milk contains more than just food — in contains microbial inhabitants for the growing babies. This gives babies a plentiful supply of good microbes in their gut, which is essential for a baby’s health.
    • Each time a mother loses single microbial specie, her future children will also lose that microbial specie. Then a series of antibiotic treatments for mothers during or right before or after birth also contributes to losing essential bacteria.
  • What we eat
    • Bad diets are killing more people than smoking. Modern food and other environmental issues are becoming the primary factors of the loss of our precious microbiota. Diets that are high in sugar, starch and salt and low in whole grains, seeds, nuts, vegetables, fruits and fibers are causing illnesses and death on a large scale. Red and processed meat, saturated fats, food grown with chemical fertilizers, and pesticides are also contributing to our increasingly poor health
    • We have restricted our food resources to only around 14 to 18 food resources, meaning there is a lack of diversity in what we eat, which negatively affects the variety and health of our microbial flora of the intestine. A large part of our microbiome is starving today, and our health is disrupted through “the disease of modernity.” Diabetes and obesity have become common, and not just for adults — kids are also suffering from bloating, constipation, obesity and diabetes. We are in dire need of a return to diverse, fiber-rich diets to restore the ecosystem of our gut microbes.
  • Illnesses and medication:
    • Another critical factor that is contributing to the disappearance of gut microbes is medication. Antibiotics are indeed effective treatment to kill pathogens that make us sick. These antibiotics are enemies of bacteria, and they kill them without discrimination, meaning they don’t just kill the bad bacteria — they also kill many of the friendly bacteria that are necessary for healthy development and growth.
    • Antibiotics are not that bad, but their overuse is increasing every day. According to research, an average American child goes through at least five courses of broad-spectrum antibiotics during the first three years of his life. Don’t forget it is a single study, and there are many more to make us frightened. Overuse of antibiotics is producing huge collateral damage the in the eradication of friendly bacteria.
    • If you think that you haven’t taken any antibiotics unnecessarily in your life and don’t have to worry about medicines, then you are absolutely wrong. The majority of antibiotics in the world are being used in farm animals. These are not used only to prevent disease, but to increase weight gain and to increase meat production. When you eat these animals, you are indirectly consuming the antibiotics they were given. These animals even transfer antibiotics into the groundwater that you actually drink. All of these circumstances are destroying our microbiome.

What to do now?

Try to restore the balance.

This is the only solution to save these microbial organisms for our betterment. Probiotics are a miracle treatment to regain that essential bacterial balance. Probiotics contain the active microbes that are necessary to promote health. They repopulate healthy microbes inside the intestinal tract and prevent issues like severe diarrhea, inflammation and other chronic diseases. The healthy, living microbes in a probiotic supplement can easily replace the destructive microbes in a sick person’s intestine.


Probioform is our new partner in the restoration of the bacterial flora inside the gut. This living liquid has strains of beneficial bacteria that co-grow and interact during fermentation and emerge as resilient probiotic strains. These strains fight against the harmful microbes of the human gut and restore the healthy balance that is necessary.

Probioform is not a medication or treatment. It is a part of our healthy routine. Use of rich fiber diet, vegetables, fruits, unprocessed food, daily exercise, sufficient intake of water, an active lifestyle, and Probioform are the proper steps for fighting against unbalanced gut microbiota issues, and they call prevent our micro companions from facing extinction.

Probioform delivers probiotics into the body in the way that nature intended.

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