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by | Aug 11, 2020


Probioform: The Perfect Probiotic for Men

There are friendly bacteria that can help us maintain human health, but they are not formally recommended.

These good bacteria are called probiotics, and they help us maintain digestive health and strengthen our immune system. They can be found in natural dietary sources, or you can get them from food supplements like Probioform. Probiotics are simply great for adults and children and many of their benefits are universal, no matter the gender and age such as gut health, weight management, healthy skin, and strong teeth. But no one can deny the gender-specific benefits of probiotics.

Probiotics & men’s health:

When we talk about food supplements, there is a plethora of products available for women to resolve their unique health concerns. But there are no such products for men. Yet, men also suffer from issues such as gas, bloating and constipation, as well as colon and prostate health. Probiotics can help men with their digestive health, helping to ensure their complete body health.

What is Probioform?

This living-liquid food supplement contains various strains of friendly bacteria, exclusively known to protect and support the gut. By using a special fermentation process, Probioform contains all the natural acids that support bacterial life — this improves the delivery and survival of probiotics. Our living liquid allows microbes to start multiplying in a very short period (within 15 minutes of ingestion). When a person consumes these bacteria in a liquid, they are directly delivered to the lower intestine. Unlike freeze-dried capsules, Probioform already has the right pH level that enables bacteria to survive easily within the acidic environment of the stomach. Probioform ensures that the maximum amount of these friendly microbes reach the lower intestine alive and start working instantly.

What makes Probioform supplements so important for men’s health?

So many factors are challenging our bodies every day, wreaking havoc on the health of our friendly microbes that live within us. These microbes keep us healthy and ward off diseases, but our environment is changing dramatically. From preservatives to sugars and artificial sweeteners, as well as food additives like artificial flavors and colors, our modern diet is jeopardizing the life and health of our gut bacteria. Our increased exposure to antibiotics in our food and other medications like non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs and acid-blocking drugs also play a vital role in the destabilization of these resident microbes, threatening our overall health.

But Probioform helps to keep our get bacteria healthy and functional. There is extensive research available that validates the effectiveness of probiotic supplements.

How does Probioform support men’s health?

If you need to describe the health goals of most men in a single word, it probably would be the word “strength.” Whether it is muscle strength, cognitive strength or cardiovascular strength, no one can deny the strong healthy role of gut bacteria. These tiny friends are a part of so many factors that pave the way for health. By enhancing and maintaining the diversity of these trillions of bacteria within us, it is possible to improve inner strength, detoxification, hormonal regulation, stabilization of metabolism, mood regulation, healthy body weight maintenance, better digestion, and increased production of vitamins such as B12, biotin, K and folate.

These are the factors that make Probioform so important for men’s health. Although we all are much more alike than what we tend to think, certain conditions do affect men more often because of some cultural or physical factors. Luckily, probiotics like Probioform help men with many of these issues, including:

Cardiovascular health

o   Cardiovascular health might seem little irrelevant with probiotics, but they are actually closely related to each other. Probioform helps to keep heart firing on all cylinders and provides maximum benefits to heart health, such as:

  • Helping to significantly reduce blood pressure, especially in high-blood-pressure patients.
  • Reducing blood triglycerides, which contribute to heart diseases when their level is too high.
  • Reducing cholesterol by breaking down existing cholesterol and preventing it from being made and absorbed.
  • Reducing inflammatory chemicals in the body and protecting you against heart disease risk.

Bone health

o   The health of your bones is also related to your gut health. Interim intestinal inflammation sometimes triggers an immune response that releases a protein called interleukins. While this protein has an immune function, it also absorbs bone tissues. If left untreated, this temporary inflammation eventually causes bones to weaken. The probiotic strains (like bifidobacterium and lactobacillus) in Probioform keep gut microbiome in balance. This equilibrium supports immune response and allows your body to absorb and use minerals to keep bones strong.

Blood sugar level

o   Diabetes affects more men than women, which is why blood sugar control is of utmost importance for men. Your overall health can be seriously affected by a decreased ability to regulate insulin and uncontrolled changes in blood sugar levels. Bifidobacterium and lactobacillus help the body to maintain blood sugar level within a normal range.

Lung health

o   A healthy gut is the biggest supporter of your immune system, and your immune system plays a vital role regarding your lungs. Evidence is mounting that shows probiotics may reduce the duration and risk of respiratory tract infection. Probiotics support the mucosal immune system that exists in your nose, throat, ears and lungs, and they help maintain respiratory health.

Hormone level

o   Probioform helps to regulate the production of oxytocin in men. Oxytocin is responsible for the production of testosterone, it maintains healthy libido, and it supports the development of male characteristics. Men’s testosterone levels start decreasing naturally after age 30, and low testosterone may have many unpleasant side effects, such as reduced sex drive, poor muscle mass and strength, reduced red blood cell production, and bone density. Evidence suggests that the lactobacillus family of probiotics helps to maintain sufficient and youthful testosterone levels in men, even during aging.

Mental health

o   Men are often less willing to speak about their hardships and struggles than women, which is why mental health issues can be so devastating for them. Under the weight of familial, social and financial pressures, mental health is a growing concern for men. Fortunately, a probiotic supplement can help. You see, the brain and the gut have a real connection. Probiotic supplements influence the gut microbiota through a complex network of event, affecting the mechanism that deals with mood disorders, anxiety and depression. The beneficial bacteria in probiotic supplements support men’s seratonin levels, which helps create feelings of happiness. In addition, probiotics also regulate the level of cortisol that is associated with high stress levels.

o   According to research, the brain, the gut and the microbiome are interconnected through three different channels. It means what you put into your gut cannot only shift the balance towards bad, but it can potentially lead to mental disorders and diseases by actually crossing the blood-brain barrier. Probiotics help alleviate mood swings and establish greater mental equilibrium.

Urinary health

o   It’s a misconception that only women get urinary tract infections (UTIs) — male UTIs are a real issue as well. Male UTIs are mostly the results of something caused by an enlarged prostate or some sort of obstruction in the urinary tract. A probiotic supplement encourages the growth of good bacteria to crowd out unwanted yeast. Urinary tract issues start when E. coli bacteria migrate from the gut to the urinary tract, but a good probiotic supplement like Probioform keeps the unwanted bacteria’s population under control and reduces the chances of problems elsewhere.

o   Yeast infections are only thought of as being troublesome for women, but they do occur in men, albeit rarely. These infections can be spread to men through sexual intercourse. The use of antibiotics for the treatment of these infections weakens the immune system and makes men more susceptible to many illnesses.

Digestive health

o   Digestive issues like diarrhea and constipation can be both unhealthy and uncomfortable. When digestion is not optimized, it is impossible to absorb the right amount of nutrients from food. Men face more digestion issues in middle age, which is why they need probiotic supplements to support healthy digestion. Probioform helps to digest proteins, carbohydrates and dairy products. Probioform not only promotes regulation, but it also provides a slightly acidic environment that is optimal for intestinal health. Probioform is an easy way for men to get a good dose of probiotics regularly that optimizes their digestive health.

Gas & bloating issues

o   An imbalance of bacteria in the gut increases the episodes of excess gas and bloating that can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. Lifestyle factors also affect one’s gas level, but with several steps, occasional bouts of excess gas can be decreased. Excessive eating of certain foods like broccoli, brussels sprouts, beans, carbonated drinks, certain sugar substitutes, and some health conditions all can increase bloating and gas in men (and women).

o   Several clinical studies show that probiotic supplements aid in reducing gas and bloating in men with digestive problems. Probioform is proven to help reduce gas production and bloating.

Elimination of ulcers

o   Many people around the world face ulcers at some point in their lives, and the associated burning abdominal pain, stomach cramping, rectal discomfort and bleeding, fatigue, and urgency to pass stool can be excruciating. Fortunately, it is observed that probiotic supplements give relief to patients to suffer from ulcers. A bad bacterium named helicobacter pylori is responsible for the development of ulcers, and the genetic mutation of this ulcerative colitis lead to their overgrowth in the intestine. A quality probiotic supplement such as Probioform can combat that bacterial strain and ulcers.

Sperm count

o   It has been discussed earlier that Probioform is an amazing probiotic supplement that increases testosterone levels in men. Testosterone is mainly responsible for the sufficient production of sperm in men, and Probioform can help resolve the issues surrounding male fertility.

Improved athletic performance

o   Men love to optimize their bodies for athletic performance, and they often do this with the help of protein powders and the elimination of fried items. Of course, these are good steps, but men need more to optimize their body for athletic performance. For strength and fitness, most men don’t consider probiotic supplements, but they should!

o   There is plenty of evidence that proves the importance of probiotics regarding athletic performance, recovery and overall health. As an added advantage, probiotic supplementation also shows beneficial results on body composition and reduced body fat composition too.

Fight against diverticulitis disease

o   When pouches form in the wall of the colon and get infected or inflamed, diverticulitis condition appears. This condition results in bloating, stomach pain, diarrhea, and even chills, fever, vomiting and nausea. Lack of fiber intake is the main cause of this situation. Diverticulitis is often treated with antibiotics, which kill bad bacteria. Unfortunately, antibiotics also kill good bacteria, which is why a taking a quality probiotic supplement is essential while using antibiotics — this restores your gut’s good bacteria and balances intestinal flora.

o   Men are increasingly at risk for inflamed and infected pouches in the colon, as well as suffering from pain and changes in bowel habits. Researchers have proven that probiotic supplements can produce better effects than prescribed drugs for the treatment of diverticulitis disease.

Why Probioform only?

Probioform supplement contains an entire bacterial ecosystem in its original and natural state, which is why it provides stronger, faster and more effective results than any other probiotic available in the market.

The naturally produced acids of Probioform have a low pH of 3.7, which is perfect for the survival and growth of microbes during their entrance into the human digestive system (which has a lower pH of 2.4). The natural fermentation process of Probioform produces stable products, and there is no such need to refrigerate it. The gentleness, effectiveness and ease of intake make it the perfect probiotic supplement for your complete family. It is the ultimate solution to the issues regarding your gut health — no more need for lots of pills and medicines to resolve bacterial issues of your gut.

Remember that marketing language is easy to write. Never be swayed by any available probiotic supplements that blindly promising an increase in health, better mood and improved performance. A good probiotic supplement needs decades of proper scientific research, as well as a professional team that is committed to providing you the highest quality product. When you chose Probioform, you get the result of a dedicated team of experts who have put in 30 years of scientific research to create our product.


Soon, all men can enjoy a whole host of health benefits simply by adding a good probiotic supplement like Probioform to their diet. Men do not normally include a sufficient amount of fermented food in their diet, which would provide raw probiotics to maintain optimal health. Obviously, it is also difficult to know what food contains which probiotic strains as there are hundreds of probiotic strains are present with different functional properties for your body.

Probioform has raw probiotics with the widest variety of strains, and it ensures that men get the necessary strains to meet their health needs. As a man, you should take a Probioform supplement regularly as part of your daily routine if you are concerned about UTIs, cardiovascular health, bowel health, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, bone loss, overall stronger immunity, and other issues related to men’s health.

Probioform delivers probiotics into the body in the way that nature intended.

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