Sick of Being Sick!

by | Aug 27, 2020


Sick of Being Sick!

Embrace the Good Bacteria of Your Gut

People usually think of microbes as germs that spread illnesses and make us sick. But, let me tell you a love story.

From the beginning of life, this Earth has been filled with tiny creatures. From the birth of the very first human being in this world, these microorganisms have been with us. The human body is hosts trillions of small organisms that offer surprising benefits to our complexion, body odor, and even our physical and mental health. Our microbes give us everlasting love and maintain our wellbeing.

Many of us don’t realize, but all of us have an individually unique microbial eco-system that exists in and on us. Our microbiome is home to more than 100 trillion microbes, outnumbering human cells by about ten to one.

Most of these microbes are usually hanging out in our gut, protecting us from diseases, supporting our immune system, detoxifying our body, and possibly keeping us slim (depending upon the microbes our microbiome is hosting). But there are also bad bacteria in the gut. They play their part in the development of inflammation, many of our chronic diseases, and obesity. This is the reason why your long-term is dependent on gut flora keeping an even balance.

How does our gut flora get disturbed?

Unfortunately, the bacteria in our gut flora often do not perfectly balance — the food we consume makes a large impact on the microorganisms of our intestine. Due to illness, we use antibiotic medications that destroy all the bacterial colonies in the intestine, good and bad, without any discrimination, and the result is decreased bacterial diversity. Stress also represses our immune system. Fear opens the doors for harmful microbes to grow and flourish inside our gut. Plus, a poor diet of refined carbs, red meat, sugar, artificial sweeteners, and processed food all feed the bad bacteria in your gut. Worst of all, these harmful organisms generate cravings for unhealthy things to continue this vicious cycle.

What to do?

In this situation, we need only two things to kick starty our progress toward a healthy gut:

Improve your lifestyle and start taking probiotics regularly. Probiotics are good bacteria that are identical to the ones already present in your gut. Probiotics help to diversify the gut flora and aid in digestion. Probiotics provide many health benefits, including smoother digestion, a more reliable and healthier immune system, improved skin conditions, reduction of wrinkles, help with decreasing obesity, boosting mood, and more.

Probiotic supplements

Of course, natural sources of probiotics are the best way to populate your gut with beneficial bacteria, but this is just not possible in today’s world. The use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and preservatives destroy the probiotics present in natural sources. A good probiotic supplement is the best substitute to fulfill the probiotic deficiency of our gut.

A living liquid probiotic such as Probioform is amazingly beneficial. It is synthesized as nature intended. In the liquid state, the beneficial bacterial strains of Probioform co-grow and interact with each other during the process of fermentation. Probioform provides resilient bacterial strains that can survive in the harsh environmental conditions of the human digestive system.

Say goodbye to being sick. Keep your gut healthy and happy with Probioform.

Probioform delivers probiotics into the body in the way that nature intended.

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